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Collana in corallo Bokè pelle d’angelo


Lot number 316 – Auction 114

manifattura degli anni Cinquanta, composta da boules digradanti (da mm 14 a mm7). Chiusura in platino con diamanti taglio goccia e brillante, cts 2,50 totali circa. Cm 73. Gr 92. CARTIER. BOKE’ ANGEL SKIN CORAL NECKLACE, 1950S, WITH CORAL BEADS (FROM MM 14 TO MM 7). PLATINUM CLASP WITH DROP CUT DIAMONDS AND BRILLIANT CUT DIAMOND, ABOUT CTS 2.50, CM 73. GR 92.

€ 1.800 - € 2.500

Sold for € 16.250


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Lot number 316, Jewellery Watches and Silver &8211 Auction 114

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