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Anello in platino con smeraldo colombiano

Lot number 362 – Auction 114

taglio smeraldo, cts.3.80, e impreziosito da venti diamanti taglio huit huit, cts 0.35. Gr.8.79. Con certificato gemmologico IGN numero 20347 del 14/4/2015. PLATINUM RING WITH COLOMBIAN EMERALD CUT EMERALD, CTS. 3.80, AND TWENTY HUIT HUIT CUT DIAMONDS, CTS. 0.35. GR. 8,79. WITH IGN GEMOLOGICAL CERTIFICATE N°20347 (14/4/2015).

€ 6.000 - € 8.000

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Lot number 362, Jewellery Watches and Silver &8211 Auction 114

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